Bush terroriste?

Le 11/9 et les théories du complot




Why do doubts surround the official investigations into the events of 9/11? For one thing, several major inquiries in the past have only revealed partial truths. Beyond this, major historic events always provide scope for speculation. President John F. Kennedy, assassinated by a lone gunman? Impossible! There must be more to it. The 9/11 attacks on the United States? Allegedly perpetrated by a bunch of Arabs with box cutters and rudimentary flight training. According to this logic, President Bush and Vice President Cheney exposed America to attack in order to justify the war plans they were hatching. They had missiles fired at the Pentagon, arranged for the World Trade Center to be dynamited, and ordered UA 93 to be shot down. Beyond the fact that most conspiracy theories aren't backed up by the evidence, simple logic can also be used to debunk them. To pull off such a staggering operation, an army of the complicit would be required: pilots, demolition experts, soldiers and air traffic controllers. With so many coconspirators, one of them surely would have talked by now. (Source: Der Spiegel Online 2006) 



Quelle que soit la validité de ces théories du complot suivant lesquelles la Maison Blanche aurait commandité elle-même les attentats du 11 septembre 2001, elles mettent en relief l’immensité de la crise de confiance qui frappe les institutions politiques.


C’est l’inversion complète du discours officiel, un doute radical qui frappe leur crédibilité à sa racine. Loin d’être associées au bien commun, ces institutions le sont désormais au jeu d’intérêts obscurs et aux pressions occultes de groupes non plus seulement corrompus, mais criminels.


Or la confiance dans les institutions est un aspect fondamental du capital social, mesuré par l’engagement civique. Plus on voit fleurir les théories du complot, plus on peut être sûr que le capital social est en train de s'éroder.